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What can I say? This is post racial america right? And apparently a Black president means that you can no longer study race or racism in the past or present. I wasn’t an AFS major but I think its unbelievable to suggest that an entire field is inferior. Given the fact that the Black experience and the experience of people of color is often ignored or under-reported I think its imperative that intellectuals make it their business to consider the Black experience. This reminds me of discussion regarding groups such as the BSU, LASA (Latin American Student Association), NAACP Black Greek orgs etc. and whether affinity groups are still relevant. The simple answer is yes. I say yes because if we left it up to the majority, the interest of people of color would seldom be heard, reported or considered.


I am writing this very quickly while on the side of Interstate 20. I am also struggling mightily to not use my colorful repertoire of insanely rhythmic and appropriate curse words. Thank me later.

Today The Chronicle of Higher Education published a blog entry from Naomi Schaefer Riley entitled “The Most Persuasive Case for Eliminating Black Studies? Just Read the Dissertations.” I refuse to link. They do not deserve the traffic. Google it or take my word for it.

Schaefer Riley is responding to an earlier Chronicle article lauding the first cohort of Northwestern University’s Black Studies program. So bemused is she by the mere titles of the dissertations of these young black scholars that Schaefer Riley can barely contain her glee as she proceeds to viciously, intentionally, and deliberately insult every single one of the scholars listed and everyone within the field of black studies. You can almost…

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