Broken on all sides

Watching Broken on All Sides didn’t rock my world. I can’t say it surprised me much. However, knowledge is power and I was very happy to see so many people in attendance. Information is the first step towards affecting change and documentaries like this shed light on a situation that you may not be aware of if you’ve never personally encountered it. We recently watched the Wire and the question was posed, is this show a minstrel show? I had to think to myself and at first glance it sure can seem that way. However characters such as Avon Barksdale are products of a broken system. A broken education system that under nourishes intellectual talent, a broken economic system and prison system that turns minor offenders into second class citizens and major offenders, leaving little economic opportunities. Running a drug empire isn’t for dummies and I’m sure many of the workers within the hypothetical drug structure would have alternative employment. Reform and education are needed to change a system that not only sets up traps, but permanently traps those within it.


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