Cornel West

I watched an interview with Cornel West on Faultines a program on Aljazeera Tv. The interview is from 2010 and he speaks on Barack Obama and topics regarding African Americans and politics. Granted, the interview is two years old and some things have changed in regards to his topics of choice, but Cornel West raises some very interesting points.

West speaks on disillusioned feelings of blacks towards Barack Obama. He reasons that he doesn’t think that blacks will turn to voting for Republics but rather their enthusiasm towards Barack will diminish. There was an initial enthusiasm towards the change Obama represented. However, economic disparity between the socioeconomic classes, especially when analyzed through a racial lens, has brought a sense of reality to some early supports of Obama. In my opinion, the reality is that Obama is but one man and his accomplishments are numerous but I don’t think the issues facing America and Black America specifically can be rectified in four years only. I think the dialogue inspired by critics of Obama such as Cornel West is imperative to national progress. I would be very interested in seeing Cornel West’s responses to his views in this interview and how he feels about them now in the midst of what has happened since, specifically the Republican race for nomination.

West also speaks on neo-conservative and neo-liberals and the concept of “color blind.” I’ve already expressed my dislike and disbelief in this but West echos some of my sentiments in his interview. He speaks about the misappropriation of Dr. Martin Luther King’s words of content and not color to further a color blind agenda. I would have to agree with West, you can’t love someone if you don’t know their race, color, gender etc. Dr. King spoke of accepting one another for their entirety, including the socially constructed race. Also the hypocrisy evident in many who would suggest that they are color-blind but mention Obama in regards to his race, for example ‘first black president.’


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